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Reveal Q+ for Aflatoxin with Raptor Reader

Rapid tests Kits for the quantitative determination of Mycotoxins in food, feed and beverages. Its specifications include:

  • Range: 2-150 or 3-300ppb
  • Water or Ethanol based extraction
  • Testing time: 6 minutes
  • Storage: Room temperatures, 18-30°
  • Approvals: FGIS 2018-144

 The Raptor System protects the integrity of your data by processing and analyzing results without additional operator input.

Veratox HS MAX for Total Aflatoxin (High Sensitivity)

ELISA kits for the quantitative determination of Mycotoxins in food, feed and beverage using Neogen’s Microwell Reader. Its product specifications’s include:

  • Range for Quantities between 5- 50ppb.
  • Controls provided: 0, 5, 15 and 50ppb.
  • Water or Methanol based extraction.
  • Tests per kit: Up to 40.
  • Approved by USDA/GIPSA 2015/070 and AOAC-RI 050901.

It is ideal for batch testing with high, accurate, performance.

MRM for verifying testing procedures, methods, and equipment performance. 

  • Available in Low, Medium and High Concentrations.
  • Toxins are offered at multiple levels of contamination and in practical matrices.
  • Batches are quality checked across various testing platforms.

We offers a wide array of MRMs available in 100g and 1kg volumes.

AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene monitor

AccuPoint® Advanced Sanitation Verification System is a handheld ATP reader that accurately detects ATP from surfaces and rinse water samples.The Leading Surface And Water Hygiene Monitoring System. The product’s specification are:

  • Rapid results time (less than 20s).
  • Full-color high resolution screen.
  • AOAC Approved.
  • Unique RLU scale detects small differences to identify ATP baseline deviations.

The use of AccuPoint Advanced provides customers assurance that the system produces consistent and reliable data for evaluating sanitation program effectiveness in food processing and food services facilities.