Automated microscopes

Lionheart FX automated microscope is a compact system for a broad range of imaging workflows. It offers up to 60x and 100x oil immersion magnification, with fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast channels for maximum application reach.
  • Small footprint with no need for excess instrumentation or a darkroom enables easy installation on most standard lab benches
  • High-quality Olympus objectives and Semrock filters drive excellent image quality and performance
  • Wide field of view (WFOV) camera provides fast automated imaging in microplates and slides, enabling researchers to get the answers they need quickly
  • Gen5 imaging software offers unique, full automation to capture, process, analyze, and publish workflows
  • Environmental controls enable Lionheart FX to image and analyze live cell assays over time
  • Laser-based and software-based autofocus capture sharp, in-focus images in automated microscopes
  • Open design of the Lionheart FX stage allows researchers to work with microfluidic devices
  • Dual reagent injector module for Lionheart FX allows fast cellular reactions to be imaged after the addition of a reagent

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